Winter Warfare
  1. hydration happens from the inside out,
  2. no cream or, oil or grease - it freezes and contributes to frost bite
  3. wate will be as effective at curing dry mouth, dry hands, or dry lips
  4. stripping down will warm you up
  5. eat and drink constantly
  6. 2 litres of water for sedindary and four litres of water for activity


  1. shock is defined as the body retreating into itself and protecting its core organs
  2. areas to warm a person with hypothermia in priority = pit of stomach, small of back, armpits, spinal column, crotch and legs,

toboggan packing

quinzies and wig wams

  • low ground in winter high ground in summer
  • weaving
  • take your time, conserve energy
  • rule of three - 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without heat, 3 days no water, 3 weeks without food
  1. snares
  • rabbit,
  • squrril
  • notch and cedar maple saplings
  • make two holes in the bottom of the rabbit to give you a hand grp than pull the skin off the rabbit like a taking off a glove
  • snare wire - slip knots

+french recci jeep

  • one big back door - lighter simpler
  • commes mounted in the front passangers seat
  • ampbiious
  • multiple turrets
  • triptronic transmisson
  • fuse panal
  • that hole thingy on the front passangers wheel well
  • spare fuses


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