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Food Security
Community Supported Agriculture
Seasonal Simplicity
Community Food Centre
Zucca Vegetarianism
farmer's markets

Food Security

people do not eat well for four main reasons

  1. accessibility of good quality of food
  2. knowledge about good quality of food and how to prepare it
  3. resources to exchange for good quality food
  4. health restrictions that prevent the consumption of good quality food

these four main categories are interconnected and are systemic and self enforcing

  • positive feedback loops
  • negative feedback controls

Community Supported Agriculture

  • Part of a loose but growing network mostly mobilized on the Internet, Erehwon is participating in what is known as community-supported agriculture. About 150 people have bought shares in Erehwon — in essence, hiring personal farmers and turning the old notion of sharecropping on its head.
  • a modern reincarnation of share cropping
  • The C.S.A. funds provides a base that’s certain,
  • farmers get the money when we they need to spend the money
  • “shared bounty, shared risk” so a good year for the farmer means a good haul for the customer,
  • while a poor harvest reaps less goodies at the weekly customer pick-up,
  • but assures the farmer a living wage and the ability to continue to run their business
  • without having to resort to selling out to big agriculture, or worse, selling the farm completely
  • The concept was imported from Europe and Asia in the 1980s as an alternative marketing and financing arrangement to help combat the often prohibitive costs of small-scale farming.

“People are seeing ways to come together and work together to make this successful.”

The shareholders of Erehwon Farm have open access to the land and a guaranteed percentage of the season’s harvest of fruit and vegetables for packages that range from about $300 to $900. Arrangements of fresh-cut blossoms twice a month can be included for an extra $120 — or for the deluxe package, $220 will “feed the soul” with weekly bouquets of lilies and sunflowers and other local blooms.

Shareholders are not required to work the fields, but they can if they want, and many do.

Mr. Trisko said his family knows that without his volunteer labor and agreement to share in the financial risk of raising crops, the small organic farm might not survive.

“It’s very hard for them to make ends meet,” he said, “so I decided to go out and help. We harvest, water, pull weeds, whatever they need doing.”

Under the sponsored system, farmers are paid an agreed-upon fee in advance of the growing season, making their survival less dependent on the vicissitudes of the market and the cooperation of the elements. The arrangement involves real farms and real farmers and is distinct from community gardens and other forms of urban farming, where vacant or public land is typically put to agricultural use by residents.

The average share price is $500 to $800 a season across the country

Community Food Centre

  1. Box Program/ Groceries
  2. Communal Meals
  3. Urban Agriculture/ Seed Bank
  4. Education
  5. Advocacy/ Lobbying

Seasonal Simplicity

We marvel at the seasonal produce that marches through the market stands and into my kitchen each week

  • seasonal is a more apt concept than local
  • Eating things in season, regardless of where they might be from, means eating foods when they taste the best and when they are most in balance with the world around them.
  • Bright green things in spring, hearty root vegetable stews in winter.
  • If I have in my possession the most perfect peak-season heirloom tomatoes,
  • vine ripened and picked that morning by the farmer,
  • I'm eating them regardless of whether they come from 50, 101 or 300 miles away.
  • I'm all for showing off our best local and regional products, of which there are many,
  • but not being able to coax the best out of these ingredients
  • by marrying them with the best products from elsewhere seems needlessly and pointlessly limiting,
  • and against the best interests of the end consumer and the producer,
  • and in fact ultimately does a disservice to the products that we are meant to be promoting.

Zucca Vegetarianism

the only equation I know is: fat plus fat plus fat plus fat plus fat equals good - Martin Picard

Experience and Culture

  • the terrain where delicious meets nutritious
  • What's your hurry hasn't anybody told you time stops at the dinner table, you can never grow older while eating
  • eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die
  • he incorporates flavours so you can still taste them separately


  • small farms are more efficient - see monbiot article

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