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  1. colour temperture indication
  2. translucent basin
  3. translucent piping
  4. drain
  5. elastic surface
  6. durable surface
  7. pressure and weight bearing basin
  8. minimal infastructure
  9. soft incoming piping
  10. hard outgoing piping
  11. fauset with exposed top

picture a pipe built into the basin - it is a soft

  • don't even think of it as a pipe think of it as a cavity channel or tube built into the back base of the pipe
  • water spurts up like a water fountain
  • touch sensitive sides of the basin to adjust temperature with colour indicators on the basin itself -

completely translucent

  • one piece structure fully tranluscent no metal
  • hard outgoing pipe emerges from floor
  • soft cavity/channel (also translucent) swirls around the pipe hot and cold water spiral up the outside of the hard piper
  • rectangle or square to match the ipod stove rounded bottom basin
  • gel like cushions to gradually ease the hard pipe into the soft basin

waste receptical

  • make a kitchen section
  • keeping with the situational concept of the kitchen
  • three square/ rectangle functional surfaces (sink, stove, waste)
  • divided into 3 sections (organic small, recycle big, waste small)


  • fully translucent
  • OLED layer indicating temperture with colour shading


edit sections

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