Seasonal Simplicity

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  • seasonal is a more apt concept than local
  • Eating things in season, regardless of where they might be from, means eating foods when they taste the best and when they are most in balance with the world around them.
  • Bright green things in spring, hearty root vegetable stews in winter.
  • If I have in my possession the most perfect peak-season heirloom tomatoes,
  • vine ripened and picked that morning by the farmer,
  • I'm eating them regardless of whether they come from 50, 101 or 300 miles away.
  • I'm all for showing off our best local and regional products, of which there are many,
  • but not being able to coax the best out of these ingredients
  • by marrying them with the best products from elsewhere seems needlessly and pointlessly limiting,
  • and against the best interests of the end consumer and the producer,
  • and in fact ultimately does a disservice to the products that we are meant to be promoting.

Calculating the Cost of Food

  • If we stop calculating the cost per quantity
  • and begin considering the cost per nutrient value,
  • the demand for higher quality food would rise.”
  • He claims that organic fruits and vegetables contain 40 percent more nutrients than their chemical–fed counterparts.
  • Pasture grazing animals likewise contain more nutrients than industrially raised animals.
  • Both Michael Pollan and Marion Nestle, the US nutritionist, claim that this difference in nutrients has only arisen in the last 40 years
  • and is therefore a new phenomenon.

Experience and Culture

  • the terrain where delicious meets nutritious
  • What's your hurry hasn't anybody told you time stops at the dinner table, you can never grow older while eating
  • eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die
  • the only equation I know is: fat plus fat plus fat plus fat plus fat equals good
  • seasonal produce marches through the market stands and my kitchen each week

A true Kitchen

  • As soon as the final roasting pan went out Chef Rose called for beer and we were soon chugging back some cold ones while the pastry team set up for the finale.
  • The guest chefs stowed their equipment and headed up to the Sky Yard to get loaded.

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