Resistance To Interrogation

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  • conserve personnel resources and maintain morale
  • deny military intelligence to the enemy
  • ensure interoperability with our allies
  • continue offensive operations against

tactics: PRIDE

P - principles of leadership always apply

  • the most senior rank takes command
  • lead by example
  • obey the lawful commands of the superiors
  • members assume command according to rank without regard to element of service

R - resist exploitation by any means available

  • resist interrogation
  • protect vital information
  • discredit your capture's propaganda
  • plan to escape
  • do not seek or accept special favours
  • no confessions
  • no questionaires
  • not personal history statements
  • no recordings or broadcasts
  • no appeals for your group to surrender

I - information to be given

  • big four: you are required to give name, rank, date of birth and serial number
  • any other questions should be answered: I cannot answer that question, sir.

D - dignity and Self Respect must be Maintained

  • maintain positive attitude
  • do not question competence - self worth
  • do not question your will to survive - hope
  • encourage, motivate and generate cohesion
  • captivity is a personal struggle you mainly wage against yourself - recognize this
  • the tribulation of captivity can be mitigated by effective leadership and companionship

E - escape

  • always consider the welfare of PW's who remain in communal detention environments
  • members should actively plan, assist fellow captives and attempt to escape
  • living to fight another day is an important consideration



  • detained for political reasons, often treated in an accordance with Law of Armed Combat(LOAC), usually released via diplomatic intervention


  • persons held as security for the fulfillment of conditions not treated in accordance with the LOAC

Prisoner of War (PW):

  • defined in accordance with the LOAC, held during an international armed conflict to which group is a party

eligibility for PW status:

  • combatants
  • accompanying supply contractors
  • crew members, merchant marines, civil aircraft ig parties to the conflict
  • war journalists
  • combatants assigned to medical duties for a limited period of time

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