How Much Does a Lav Weigh?

first parade

kit list


  1. engine oil
  2. break fluid
  3. transmission fluid
  4. antifreeze
  5. diesel gerry
  6. water gerry


  1. tool roll
  2. jack block
  3. wheel chalk
  4. jack

quick parade - show stoppers

  1. milage
  2. fuel
  3. lights
  4. windshield wipers
  5. drip pan
  6. fire extinguisher

top heavieness

G Wagon windshield wiper sensitivity

  • fuses are easily blown
  • any tiny bit of resistance or ice build up will blow the fuse
  • the bolts constantly loosen so if you have power going to the motor and
  • solution crank the cabin heater as high as possible - not just the defroster

A French Panhard VBL armoured car

  • 2 door vehicle
  • one large door in the back
  • multiple roof hatches
  • amphibious capability

a tank weighs 44 tonnes

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