RECCE Patrol

types of RECCE patrols

  1. medium
  2. close
  3. long range


medium RECCE

  • drive in go out
  • Birgade Asset
  • aka as mounted recce)

close RECCE

  • infantry
  • battle group
  • go out
  • long range RECCE
  • pathfinder
  • jump out go out


  • the more miserable the weather the more information there is too gain by doing a patrol
  • adverse weather conditions compel people to hibernate and retreat
  • it also causes them to get sloppy and lazy and make mistakes
  • it also delays timings and disorganizes operations
  • it preoccupies adversaries physically as well as mentally and decreases their vigilance


  • crash RV
  • initial RV
  • Objective RV

Eyes on objective

  • do not do clover leafs if not necessary
  • patrol must be able to see 80% of target
  • trade offs between distance, security, and vitalness of passing information up to higher


  • sketcher, note taker

5 point contingency plan

  • route
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