Personnel Check Points

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Systematic Personnel Check points (PCP's)

set up

  • clearly communicate what papers are requiered ot cross the PCP
  • barriers regulate the flow of people
  • more than one entrance line may be utilized
  • a squad (?) is required to man a PCP
  • the amount of people in each line must be kept to a manageable level
  • from the rear of the check line, people should be at least 10 meters back and in a line


  • fire team should be in an over watch position and have line of sight over the entire PCP
  • pre-established and well rehearsed signals for employing the weapon, and indicating suspicious activity should be set up

random check points (RCP's)

  • designed to cross people quickly
  • while still screening for, guns, explosives, drugs, suspicious persons, etc..
  • should not interfere with normal flow of pedestrian traffic
  • requires fewer members to operate
  • located in areas that minimize the potential escape of confronted persons
  • small streets and alleys should be used ot channel pedestrians in both a random and systematic checkpoint
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