Open Letter To Mr Hepburn

columnist podcasts

  • I want Chris Hume to read me his article
  • I want to be able to subscribe to his podcast on itunes
  • I don't make time to read the paper every morning
  • I find that if I can listen to the columns as i walk to class or am on the subway i consume more toronto star articles than if i am forced to sit down and read
  • the financial times understands this and they offer all of Martin Wolfe's articles free on delivered straight to my Ipod without me doing anything. how convient is that!
  • the end result is that my consumption of financial times articles has increased and toronto star consumption has decreased

rss feeds

  • Why can't I receive RSS feeds of Star Columnists like Christopher Hume in my google RSS reader.
  • Why are you columns not run as RSS feeds?
  • This is how i want to read the star and your paper needs to respect that i want the straight goods, just the column. -
  • allow people to sign up for their favorite columnists each article is accompanied by a 50 word blurb and a picture and then link to the entire column
  • the star can increase readership by letting readers know when specifice new content is posted such as Chris Hume's columns
  • you have to make this effortless for the reader
  • the fewer the clicks i have to make the better
  • i am not going to put extra effort into my day on a daily basis for the star's insight
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