Moshe Safdie

Marina Bay Sands

  • a project of evil heartless Las Vegas Sands Developer corporation
  • fundamentally different resort project because of the way the singaporians set it up
  • it is the anthithesis to the montreal mega hospital which I Resigned from because of public private partnership steamrolling constraints on innovation(PPP)
  • architects who work for developers are focused on expediting the project not reexamining first principles

An example of how Governments can use Markets tools Well

  • the Singaporeans have a bridge planning and land reservation system that is second to none in the world
  • this is out of necessity it is a small island and bridges are a life line and space is scarce
  • they designed the project in a way that it would contribute to overall urban development of the city state
  • the publicly owned land was not given to the highest bidder
  • public consultations were held and a fixed worth of the land was socially determined by all interested parties
  • a figure of 800 million dollars was agreed on and developers were invited to submit detailed proposals for how they would develop the land for the predetermined budget
  • the best design would get the right to develop

Urban Objectives Were Laid Out

  • continuity of the promenade around the bay
  • open vistas,
  • lots of green space
  • the price of the land was no longer a variable
  • quality of design became the variable which decisions were based on

An Architects Wet Dream

  • every idea you have which resonates with what the Singaporians were looking for is approved
  • Once the contract is signed the government of Singapore is actively engaged in ensureing the urban objectives are fulfilled
  • every one of the promises of the original proposal architecturally and urbanistically are fulfilled as part of a contractual agreement between the government and the developer

human factors

  • Low rise buildings on the waterfront
  • the towers are pushed to the center and back of the cove
  • seperating the towers to create openings from the city to the sea and vice versa
  • an air craft carrier size sky park
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