using sugar cane to spear things instead of wood shishkabobes is a cool idea

huge swaths of purple-blooming rosemary offer their deep scent. Sheep graze on it. Eat Provençal lamb, taste rosemary.

  • To prevent food from sticking, always prep your grill. Using a cloth, rub it with oil.
  • Heat the barbecue as hot as possible,
  • then turn it down to the temperature you want to cook at.
  • perfect grill marks you need a searing hot grill.
  • Turn the temperature down to medium when the meat goes on, a
  • and don't touch it until you're ready to turn it over. One flip only.
  • And resist the urge to prod - you'll let the juices out.
  • Let the meat tell you when it's ready to be turned: If it comes away easily,
  • it's ready for the other side; any resistance tells you it's not time yet.

rule of thumb.

  • Compare the texture of the meat to the firmness of the muscle
  • at the base of the thumb of your completely relaxed hand - that's blue rare/rare.
  • Touch your thumb to your index finger and again check the firmness of the muscle - that's rare/medium rare.
  • Your second finger is medium, your ring finger is medium well and your pinky finger is well done.
  • Be patient After you take your meat off the grill, cover it with aluminum foil and let it sit for the same length of time it took to cook.
  • The juices will redistribute and stay in the meat instead of pouring out with the first cut.

Three Cuts

  • The idea being is that I try to use three different cuts from the same protein.
  • It’s true for Asian culture in general.
  • They never throw anything away.
  • There are certain cuts of the animal or fish, which are prime cuts and things that are not.
  • In the Arctic Char, if we move closer to the neck and closer to the tail, those meats are better for curing.
  • The prime cuts in the centre would be used for, say, sashimi, or in the Arctic Char case, a light quick sear because it’s the best part of the fish. * So you get three different treatments, three different cuts, and then you can apply different flavours and textures to it as well.
  • this method helps you tell a story.
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