Itunes University


  • this is going to sound weird but renouned philosopher Herber Dreyfus from the University of California Berkely spoke to me in my bathtub the other night.

it's cheap

  • Berkely is spending upwards of 20 thousand dollars on podcasting Drefus's lectures
  • my classmates and I constructed a similar podcast aswell as a comprehensive wiki of course notes, reading summaries, readings, and other resources for free.
  • the internet archieve organization
  • open media
  • itunes podcasting
  • wikidot wiki's
  • all free services
  • granted if our website got the kind of Traffic that Berkely is getting than it probably would cost twenty grand.

ending the debate of the virtual university

  • not a replacement but a life saver and enhancer
  • what was the response you got from that girl

level playing field

University of Toronto is sadly behind the times

  • in three years not one of my courses has had comporable features
  • professors, with few exceptions, have difficulty posting their powerpoint slides in a timely fashion


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