Information Security And Force Protection

security conditions are acheived when…

  • the intentions of the enemy are determined and
  • the following elements
  1. information,
  2. material,
  3. personnel,
  4. activities and
  5. installations
  • are protected against
  1. espionage,
  2. sabotage,
  3. subversion, and
  4. terrorism
  5. loss,
  6. manipulation
  7. unauthorized disclosure

need to know

  • their duties require the information
  • verbal, electronic and printed material


  • information that if released would be harmful to the national interest


  • relaease could reasonably epected to cause damage to national interest


  • release could cause serious injury to the national interest

top secret

  • release could cause grave injury to national interest


protected A

  • release could cause damage outside national interest

protected B

  • release could cause serious injury outside national interest

protected C

  • release could cause grave damage outside the national interest

compromised information

  • caused by incorrect classification or designation
  • caused by inappropriate transmission of data
  • the author/sender of the information are ultimately responsibility for the information's security
  • reporting allows the originator to assess the resulting damage
  • unreported violations are far more dangerous than reported violations
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