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Bluetooth Audio

  • There’s Bluetooth stereo audio, too, meaning that you can listen to your music with cordless headphones, leaving the iPhone itself in your pocket or backpack.
  • (It’s available on the iPhone 3G S, 3G and the current iPod Touch.)

Voice Recording App

  • A handy voice-recording app comes complete with trim editing and e-mailing commands, thereby turning your iPhone into a high-quality, huge-capacity digital audio recorder.

Pager App with MobileMe account

  • If you have a MobileMe account ($100 a year), you can also make your iPhone beep for two minutes —
  • and display a plaintive message on the screen — when you’ve misplaced it.
  • How many times have you wished your cellphone had that feature?

Picture and Video Messaging

  • The 3.0 software also brings, at last, picture and video messaging (known as MMS) to the iPhone 3G and 3G S —
  • or it will, once AT&T turns on this feature later this summer.
  • The iPhone app store offers a staggering 50,000 instantly downloadable programs, in every conceivable category;
  • it’s become a crucial reason, maybe the crucial reason, to get an iPhone in the first place.
  • These programs are getting very sophisticated indeed.

Document to Go

  • Documents to Go ($5) lets you create and edit Word documents right on the iPhone, for example;

Turn By Turn GPS

  • programs like Gokivo and TomTom will bring real, spoken, turn-by-turn GPS navigation to the iPhone.

Universal Search

  • But the more fun you have trying out these apps, the more desperately you need a way to manage them.
  • After all, the iPhone can now hold 176 apps on 11 side-by-side Home screens.
  • Therefore, the new universal-search feature could not arrive at a better time.
  • Type a few characters, and up pops a list of every match in your calendar, address book, notes, music stash, e-mail headers (subject, to/from, and first few body lines) — and apps.
  • That’s right: you can now call up a program by typing a bit of its name.
  • All of these changes make it much harder to resist the iPhone on intellectual, feature-counting grounds.
  • The new iPhone doesn’t just catch up to its rivals — it vaults a year ahead of them.
  • At this point, the usual 10 rational objections to the iPhone have been whittled down to about three:
  • no physical keyboard, no way to swap the battery yourself and no way to avoid using AT&T as your carrier.
  • In short, the substantially improved, still elegant iPhone 3G S makes it dangerously easy for your heart and your head to agree.

iphone update

  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR,

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