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Leeks 2 March Indoor

Broccoli 3 March Indoor

Celery 7 March Indoor
Lettuce 7 March Indoor

Cauliflower 14 March Indoor
Onions 14 March Outdoor
Peas 14 March Outdoor
Peppers 14 March Indoor
Shallots 14 March Outdoor

Tomato 21 March Indoor
Eggplant 21 March Indoor

Spinach 28 March Outdoor

Fennel 09 April Indoor

Radish 11 April Outdoor

Corn 18 April Indoor
Cucumber 18 April Indoor

Carrots 24 April Outdoor

Asparagus 25 April Indoor
Beets 25 April Indoor
Pumpkin 25 April Indoor
Squash 25 April Indoor
Turnip 25 April Outdoor
Zucchini 25 April Indoor
Broccoli 25 April Transfer Out
Cauliflower 25 April Transfer Out
Melons 25 April Transfer Out

Tomatoes 16 May Transfer Out
Cucumber 16 May Transfer Out
Corn 16 May Transfer Out

Eggplant 23 May Transfer Out
Peppers 23 May Transfer Out
Beans 23 May Outdoor
Pumpkin 23 May Transfer Out
Squash 23 May Transfer Out
Zucchini 23 May Transfer Out
Celeriac 23 May Transfer Out
Leeks 23 May Transfer Out

Potatoes 2 June Outdoor

Garlic 15 August Outdoor

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