The Forum


  1. i have been really excited about public space lately
  2. in my travels as i entered a city i was often overwelmed by feelings of helplessness and alienation
  3. i feel this is due to lack of useful public space
  4. because when traveling services taken for granted suddenly became prohibitively expensive and often bundled with other services i didn't want or need (hotel rooms and meals usually)
  5. I have come to the conclusion that what Toronto especially and the world in general needs is a new public forum.

the concept

  1. the forum is a new public space initiative
  2. the forum as i define it would be the provision of freely available open office space as a state funded public service
  3. for me, office space is defined as…
  1. chairs with backs
  2. large desks,
  3. wifi
  4. copious amounts of electrical outlets
  1. public office space = state service

the space itself

  1. the spaces of course should be beautiful modern architecture KPMP style
  2. people want to work in beautiful space, (white space)
  3. people want to escape the office, they need a change in sceneary for their own mental health these are some of the people who would use the forum
  4. mix of quiet and not quiet spaces
  5. a few smart boards,
  6. an online booking system for semi private rooms
  7. businesses should jump at funding such an initiative because it is in their own self interest

historical underpinnings

  1. this idea could be branded as the renaissances of the Roman Forum though the original forum doesn't have much to do with this concept
  2. the concept of the Forum stems back to the ancient Roman public space
  3. now i am taking advantage of your ignorance about this concept because what i am calling the forum has little to do with its original incarnation
  4. However, for me the powerful and emotive discriptor is a good repersentation of what i am getting at

distinction from a library

  1. no false pretensese
  2. minimal maintenance
  3. more capacity
  4. focus on infastructure and architecture
  5. not a content provider
  6. emphasis on a beautiful not spartan and functional space
  7. not trying to wall in or out people
  8. no hassels no memberships
  9. different from a library because it has no false pretenses and more capacity
  10. the forum is designed to house people not books

the social benefits

  1. the forum would be a beacon of the state's geneorsity
  2. it would be a reflection of its citizens desire to create outstanding public services
  3. it would have social impact in that it would become a vibrant meeting place

economic benefits

  1. it would have economic impact in that it would provide infastructure for small business
  2. it would make the city a magnet for entrepreneurs and travelers the city
  3. a show case for local designers to display innovative interior
  4. a show case for local architects to display innovative exteriors
  5. frame it as an economic initiative: businesses that are just starting can come here
  6. out of town business can use it to host clients
  7. stimulates economic activity


  1. investor financed
  2. it would be easy to get financing and donations from big business because it would serve their iniate self interest
  3. the city already has prime real estate in the down town core in the heart
  4. the city would provide the hydro from renewable clean sources of energy
  5. forums should be set up in the academic, financial, retail, and cultural hearts of the city (where the people are)
  6. they should be distinct and recognizable landmarks (beacons of hospitality and acceptance)
  7. scalable in size,
  8. can be stand alone buildings or additions but must stand out

see what Christopher Hume thinks, but how do i approach him?
frame it as architecture and public space related.
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