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Top Coat]
Bankers Collar
Ralph Goodale
Karl Lagerfeld
Sammy Davis
Oscar Wilde
Babe Ruth


  • the refinement of a man who puts on his tie sitting down
  • he carefully weaves his knot
  • leaning back slightly on his chair he winds up his tie in the reflection of the window
  • ostentatiously making a double lap for an absurdly large knot and pinching the neck to make a symmetrical pleat down the front
  • the stiff collar crackles as the knot draws tighter


  • He takes his time
  • he leans forward and polishes his shoes with a wisdom usually reserved for old generals
  • it has an aura of unjustifiable senatorial confidence


  • Lining: always done in small polkadots
  • Functionality: workable suit buttons if buttons are necessary at all
  • pockets: silk lining on the entire of the pockets
  • underside of button holes: silk lininig on the inside of the shirt collar and underside of the buttons down the front of the shirt with a little overlap
  • leather buttons: white spanish leather buttons with micro stitching and detailing
  • button holed: the button holes change angles like hands on a clock at each button hole, thin and flat but plush
  • reinforced buttonholes: the stitching on each button hole are accented with the relief colour of the shirts supporting colour
  • embrodiered pinstripes: not painted or dyed
  • Sprezzatura: the art of making the difficult look easy
  • discrete titanium resevoir for a small rose of poppy


  1. the small asian tailor
  2. his assymetrically stripped shirt was done up to the throat
  3. a narrow tie with big knot was tucked into the the open whole of an undone button
  4. He was a tailor with a passion for acupunture

the client

  1. his shop surfaced in places like Tallinn and Strasbourg where he could coordinate his bankers collared shirt to match the coloured facades of the colombage architecture.
  2. his clothes were layered with allusions, inter-textuality was rampant in his attire
  3. He reminded his tailor constantly that a cobbler knows how to make a shoe but only the patron knows where it pinches


  • backless
  • pointy toe
  • no laces

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