Classy Jan 01, 2007

Year Nineteen Eighty

  • back when wireless was only in airports and Starbucks
  • back when diamonds were used in jewelry not skin care products
  • Boeing 747 ran shuttles from New York to Montréal every 15 minutes
  • You caught the subway from midtown Manhattan and were at the airport in 25 minutres
  • no luggage
  • you paid cash,
  • waved your passport
  • the left engine would start up as you got on the stairs
  • and the right would start to turn as you got in the door
  • and by the time a glass of wine was poured at your seat
  • the plane was taxing down the runway
  • All that is gone now

the offerings of generous general motor

  • Lincoln Town Cars, with drivers
  • Cadillac Deville’s, cars that need space to roam,
  • and 22 foot long Buick Centuries, pedal to the floor but the four-door just creeps
  • the chromed battering-rams of front end grills .
  • 'hundred lane highways in both directions that stretch on forever


  • the surgeon from Lyon
  • Mr. bureau chief
  • Ambassador Pickering unraveled the story for me
  • the well dressed chef
  • the architect at his drafting table


  • newspapers tucked under his arm
  • handhelds
  • airplanes
  • security cards. metropasses
  • passport stamps,
  • Piano black dress shoes
  • 10 ½ gators
  • pink Victoria secret bag porting
  • blue Tiffianies parcel

Manhattan Couple

  • His pink newspaper copy of the Financial Times tucked under his arm
  • her heels clatter over the cobblestone zebra stripes of a pedestrian crossing
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