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Poguie reviews the The Nikon D5000 ($850 with lens)

This is Nikon's attempt to shrink the body of the SLR without compromising on the 4/3rds lens and window box design. It is essentially a cheaper and shrunken D90 ($1.150 with lens)

Nikon D5000 Features

  • weighs 1.5 pounds
  • high definition video
  • mini hdmi jack
  • downward swivel flip screen (allows you to shoot at high, low and side angles while keeping the view in line with the lens and keeps camera away from your face for more natural relaxed pictures)
  • interchangeable lenses
  • eye piece lets you peer out through the lens itself
  • enormous light sensor inside (CCD)
  • sensor shaking mechanism (to eliminate dust spots)
  • 11 point focus system (makes it easier to compose focused shots)
  • 4.5 shots per second burst rate
  • live view mode (makes focusing slower but allows you to frame shots with the screen)
  • scene modes (sunset, beach, snow, pets, etc)
  • shutter speed indicated with a fraction (for example - 1/25 rather than 25)
  • quiet mode (which muffles the clack of the shuttter)
  • faster focusing before shooting a video


  • inability to change focus while filming video
  • no top-panel status screen
  • not compatable with older nikon lenses
  • smaller battery
  • only 510 pictures per charge
  • not compatible with wireless flash attachments
  • stereo microphones?

My Design Aesthetic

  1. durability
  2. Instant On
  3. standardized parts
  4. modular lenses
  5. size
  6. hd video


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